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Neurologic Music Therapy

What is Neurologic Music Therapy?

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is an evidence-based neuro-scientific model of practice consisting of 20 standardised clinical techniques, designed to improve the lives of people living with neurodisability. The techniques target three main domains: sensorimotor functioning, speech and language processing, and cognitive functioning.

Music can stimulate complex cognitive, affective, and sensorimotor processes in the brain that can be generalised and transferred to non-musical therapeutic applications, reinforcing the strong evidence-base for using music to improve patient outcomes, assist with rehabilitation, and help patients adapt during illness and injury.

How Can NMT Help?

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation

Sensorimotor techniques are designed to facilitate the rehabilitation of motor functions, mobility, strength, endurance, cadence, balance and co-ordination of gross and fine motor movements in upper and lower extremities.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive techniques aim to rehabilitate basic and higher order cognitive functions such as attention, memory, executive functions and psychosocial skills.

Speech & Language Rehabilitation

Speech and Language Rehabilitation

Speech and Language techniques focus on rehabilitating vocal control, speech production, intonation, oral skills, and respiratory strength.